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“Since we opened the Arkansas Upper Cervical Center on March 1, 1999, God has blessed us in more ways than we can put into words. We have witnessed countless miracles over the years as our patients have found healing. We have loved the opportunity to provide education to our patient family to help them understand what Upper Cervical Care is all about and how it can truly change their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

God has blessed us with a successful practice, so much so that doctors from across the nation have come to see how we take care of our patients and how our office runs so efficiently. We have received invitations to teach other Upper Cervical doctors how to deliver the same superb care to their patients and have taught seminars on how to manage and operate a successful Upper Cervical clinic. It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to speak to and inspire other doctors to do this miraculous work so that more people can find healing.”


-J.R. and Tonya Crabtree

J.R. Crabtree

When he co-opened the Arkansas Upper Cervical Center in 1999, Dr. J.R. Crabtree began what would become one of the busiest and most successful Upper Cervical clinics in the world.

Raised in Thida, Arkansas, J.R. realized early in his elementary school tenure that he’d like to become a doctor. His career was further defined after he completed his undergraduate studies at Arkansas State University in 1995 and entered Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. It is there that he was introduced to the techniques and healing power of UCC.

In 1997, under the direction of Dr. Michael Kale, J.R. completed the Kale Network Certification in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific and in December 1998, he graduated from Logan University. He also successfully completed his Advanced and Masters-Level Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) certification under the direction of Dr. Robert Kessinger in 2005.

On a world mission trip to Costa Rica in 2000, J.R. and Tonya were married spontaneously. They travelled together again on a second mission trip to Ghana, Africa in 2004. Their son, Carter, was born in 2011.

J.R. also has a passion for hunting and building hot rods.


Tonya Crabtree

Just a year after Dr. Tonya Crabtree earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology at Logan University (1996), she was diagnosed with a thyroid mass which she was told could only be treated by surgery. She chose to undergo UCC as an alternative to the procedure, and through her care she found not only complete healing, but her life-calling as well. When her thyroid mass completely disappeared after six months of treatment, Tonya admits that she was in “complete shock and disbelief.” But the first-hand experience changed her life and she began to pursue a career in providing UCC to others. She earned her doctorate in 1998.

Tonya went on to complete the Kale Certification Program in Spartanburg, S.C. under the direction of Dr. Michael Kale. In March of 1999, she co-opened the Arkansas Upper Cervical Center with J.R. “We wanted to provide hope and help people,” she said of their endeavor. “We have seen thousands of patients get better through consistent Upper Cervical Care, and that’s no coincidence.”

On a world mission trip to Costa Rica in 2000, Tonya and J.R. were married. They provided care again on a second mission trip to Ghana, Africa in 2004. In 2005, she earned her Advanced & Masters-Level Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (KCUCS) Certification under the direction of Dr. Robert Kessinger.

In 2011, the Crabtrees welcomed their son, Carter, through a natural child birth with the assistance of a midwife in their home. They are members of Valley Baptist Church and enjoy traveling as a family. Tonya loves to cook and J.R. and Carter make great taste-testers!

“Commitment to an appropriate timeline of care” is the most important thing that Tonya hopes that her patients grasp under her care. “It’s important to follow the recommendations of the doctor and fully commit to finishing a care regimen so that full results can be achieved,” she says. “If I had not committed to care for the thyroid mass, I wouldn’t have seen the results and wouldn’t be an Upper Cervical doctor today.”



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