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What is Upper Cervical Care?

Upper Cervical Care Explained Along with Testimonies

Let Us Turn YOUR Power On and Get Rid of Those Headaches

Everybody knows we’ve got problems with our “healthcare” system. (We like to refer to it as our “Disease-Care” system!) But it’s more than a health insurance problem. It’s an INFORMATION PROBLEM!

Legitimate Medical discoveries, research breakthroughs, and effective and safe treatments don’t become public knowledge because of politics and greedy corporate financial interest. and the Arkansas Upper Cervical Center exist to tell you about what I’m sure you will soon agree is one of the most critical health care break-throughs in many decades: the discovery of the importance of the Atlas vertebra!

The secret in Upper Cervical Care is the proven cure for much human pain and suffering. It has been documented and researched at university facilities, and published in professional journals.

The Atlas vertebra is the name for the small 2-ounce bone at the top of your neck.

The Atlas (life-size photo below) is responsible for supporting the weight of your head, which weighs between 9 and 17 pounds.

The happiest, healthiest, most pain-free people are those who’ve searched for and found treatment approaches that focus on CAUSES, not effects.

I promise you’ll be scratching your head wondering why nobody has ever explained this to you before, as you read every word of this article.

The Powerful Little Health-Boosting Secret We Guarantee Nobody Has Ever Told You

Your BRAIN runs your body. It’s your power generator your master computer. Your brain sends electrical and chemical messages back and forth to your entire body through the top of your neck at the speed of light through the spinal cord and the trillions of nerves which branch off of it.

Your brain tells your body what to do through the nerves. These brain messages pass through the brain stem, located at base of the skull, where the neck connects. The brain stem is where the brain ends and the spinal cord begins. It’s like the main circuit breaker to your body.

Every organ and tissue of your body gets their directions from your brain through the NERVE connections of the spinal cord and the spinal nerves.

Your brain and spinal cord branch off as spinal nerves that transmit the signals of life throughout your body but there is something very small that can cause a BIG problem for your nervous system.

The ATLAS VERTEBRA is the name of the first bone of your neck (cervical spine). It is also known as C1 (Cervical Vertebra #1). We refer to the Atlas or C1, along with the C2 vertebra (the axis) at the UPPER CERVICAL SPINE.

The Atlas is the foundation of your head and the center of balance of your body. It weighs only 2 ounces, yet it supports your head, which is the weight of a bowling ball! Those anatomists were clever when they named this all-important bone named after the Greek mythological figure, who held up the earth on his shoulders, weren’t they?

No big secret there; the anatomy of the atlas bone has been long-known. However the principles of its effects on the body if this little bone shifts out of normal position, were discovered and researched by Dr. B. J. Palmer (1881-1961) of Davenport, Iowa beginning around the late 1920′s.

The ATLAS surrounds and protects the upper spinal cord and brain stem region. It sits at the opening of your skull where your brain ends and your body begins.

Experts agree that the ATLAS is actually the most important bone in the entire human body. Yet still, so few doctors actually pay any attention to it unless it’s gets broken!

If one builds a house, it’s critical to start with a level foundation to support the framework.

So when it comes to your body, your ATLAS must be level to support your heavy head above, and keep the rest of the neck below straight. If your atlas becomes tilted or rotated away from level, your head shifts away from its vertical position, causing the rest of your neck and even lower spine to become out of balance.

If the ATLAS Vertebra Shifts Out of Normal Position…

It can cause total body imbalance… and abnormal nerve function!

What does that mean?

Your body will be balanced and straight as long as your spinal column is balanced. The most important factor in the spinal column staying straight is having the weight of the head centered over the neck, beginning with the ATLAS bone. In other words… “Your Head Needs to Be On Straight”.

Funny as that may seem, this is no laughing matter. Hundreds of millions of people are likely walking around literally without their heads on straight and they’ve got the pain to prove it! When the weight of your head is shifted off center due to atlas misalignment, your body below gets out of balance to compensate for the change. In an effort to keep the head centered over the neck, the rest of the neck, lower spine and pelvis will twist. Many joints of the spine can get locked up, like a rusty hinge, causing pain and tenderness, swelling, muscle tightness and disturbed blood flow.

This body imbalance causes, asymmetrical strain and tension on muscles, joints and nerves from head to toe, making one leg pull up short. This can cause multiple areas of the body to experience pain and dysfunction.  For example, many people who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or suffer chronic headaches even migraines, have a structural imbalance of their neck as the underlying cause.

The technical term for misaligned vertebrae, which are causing nerve interference, is vertebral subluxation. This understanding of body imbalance is important for preventative health care as well as crisis care for kids and adults. When there is pain, sickness or suffering, it is critical to check for body imbalance first.

Living with body imbalance is sort of like driving a car with an unbalanced frame: if you keep driving it, you’ll cause further wear and tear and damage to other systems of the car. And you’ve got to realize that when your SPINE breaks down, so do YOU!

When your head is not centered, sitting LEVEL over your atlas vertebra your whole body twists off center.

Your head should sit level right over your neck and the rest of your skeletal frame below. This is called Orthogonal Position (meaning at 90 degree angles).

One of the major consequences of body imbalance caused by a misaligned atlas is that joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are overloaded more on one side, leading to unbalanced wear and tear. This often leads to spinal disc degeneration, bulging, and herniation. It’s a “domino effect.” When your head and neck are out of balance, the rest of your body is out of balance too!

When patients see their imbalances on their neck x-rays they often say “it’s no wonder I’m in pain”. Well you know what? I’ll bet that YOUR body has been signaling you that there’s a problem for a long, long time. But you’ve just kept on going, and if you’re like most people, you’ve been covering up the real problem with pain-killers and other drugs the doctors give you which leads me to my next point.

Atlas Misalignment Can Interfere With Normal Function of Your Nervous System Throughout Your Entire Body

Your skull protects your brain, and your spine protects your spinal cord. Your spine provides a free channel where the central nervous system can operate inside. The nervous system is crucial to providing function to every tissue, organ and system throughout the body. Our brain transmits millions of messages per second back and forth to every part of the body. When the ATLAS is out of balance with the head and the rest of the spine, it causes the entire spine and body below to twist and shift.

This causes imbalances to muscles, blood supply and nerve messages which are all vital to the function and regeneration of cells, tissues and organs of the body.

The long-term result of reduced nerve and blood supply and body imbalance is muscle imbalance, organ dysfunction, and degeneration of different areas of the body, causing mild to severe pain in various areas of the body, lowered resistance to illness, organ dysfunction, loss of mobility in limbs, and ultimately disease.

Research done through the University of Colorado at Boulder has proven that pressure on a spinal nerve equal to the weight of a feather falling in your hand, can reduce nerve function up to 50%.

Your neck is an area of the body where you can’t afford to have an injury go undetected and uncorrected. Christopher Reeve didn’t injure his lungs or his bowels or bladder when he fell from his horse, he broke his upper neck. A broken neck can paralyze or kill you immediately. A very slightly misaligned neck can SLOWLY cause you pain and dysfunction.

When Your Neck Isn’t Right — Your Body Isn’t Right!

It only takes the slightest shift of the bone to irritate the nerves. Remember what we said about a feather’s weight of nerve pressure? Do you understand what happened to Christopher Reeve? You don’t have to break your neck to have major problems Anywhere in your body!! 

Your body can’t function without a proper supply of oxygen, food or water. As you’re “digesting” this information, you’re starting to understand that your body degenerates if it is not supplied with proper nerve and blood flow. This is not something to take lightly because it may affect you the rest of your life. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you? It’s pretty easy to tell when your body is not getting enough oxygen, water or food, but you may not realize that you’re suffering from a long-term, dangerous reduction of nerve and blood supply, that is until a crisis occurs. Symptoms are the last thing to show up when there’s a problem in your body.

Symptoms are the EFFECT of a health problem. We don’t treat symptoms, we treat the root or cause of the symptoms; and this is a treatment guaranteed to amaze you. Fortunately there is an entire science dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of this all-important area of the body. It is called Upper Cervical Care.


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